The primary motivation for the employees of MDN is not location or compensation or prestige. What MDN offers is highly sophisticated and technical work. It is the nature of the work that is the driving force behind those who come to work at MDN. We are not very competitive (at least not in the short run) in terms of compensation or office decor. But we are proud of the technical nature and deep understanding of complex engineering solutions that we provide our clients.

MDN welcomes the technically learned, who are wise and mature enough to want to pay the price to return to their hometowns, so that they may be with their loved ones when they are well, instead of only when they are ill.

Many of our clients are specialized engineering shops that are not well known to the lay public. But they are acknowledged  experts in their niche fields even though may have low profile elsewhere. Some of our clients work in stealth-mode, on new technologies that others are not even aware of. These may not be names you can boast about to your friends/relatives in other work-domains. But they provide opportunities that make the engineer in you very content and proud. But for MDN, you would never have had the chance to work on such intricate technical projects so far away from their engineering core centers.

Many of our employees are Masters degree holders with intention of pursuing PhD in the near future. MDN provides them the chance to pursue their doctoral goals while simultaneously working at MDN. Senior MDN staff are registered PhD guides in recognized Universities and provide guidance to such pursuits. MDN encourages continuous education; higher education costs for employees will be borne by MDN.

Our employees are proud of their technical prowess and do-it-yourself attitude. If you are the type of engineer who can not only write programs or design hardware, but also administer your desktop or the attached server or fix the power supply or the UPS, then you will fit right in at MDN. After all, engineers are capable of anything, aren't they? 

Benefits at MDN :
  1. Provident Fund (PF): For all MDN employees
  2. Employees State Insurance (ESI): Eligibility per Govt. norms.
  3. Gratuity - Eligibility per Govt. norms.
  4. Bonus - All employees get 10% on Basic
  5. Medical Health facility : For all MDN employees.
  6. Leave
  7. Free higher education: For all MDN employees after 1 year service
  8. Employer contribution to NPS : Minimum Tier I NPS contribuion
  9. 50% School Tuition Fee Reimbursement.