MDN Technical Interview process

    MDN Technical Interview process consists of 3 rounds.

1. Basic Skills

  • English competency: Technical English written test. [Time Limit 1hr.]
  • Word processing skills
    • Replicate a given technical document using Open Office Word. For sample document Click here [Time limit: 30 min.]
    • Replicate a given technical presentation using Open Office Presentation. For sample presentation Click here[Time limit : 30 min.]
  • Technical lab skills
    • Enter, compile and test a given C program. Use vi, Emacs or Notepad to enter the program. For sample program Click here [Time limit: 1 hr.]
    • Follow instructions in a given user guide to show a working hardware demo. For sample demo Click here [Time limit: 1 hr.]

2. Technical Competency (after clearing 1st round)

  • Multiple choice technical test in your area of expertise: C or Digital Design. [Time limit: 1 hr.]
  • Written test (after clearing multiple choice) in your area of expertise: QA / Software Programming / Digital Design. [Time limit: None]

3. Personal Interview(after clearing 2nd round)

  • Presentation: Technical seminar in any technical topic of your choice. Please pay attention to time limit, slides quality, fluency and technical depth and comfort. [Time limit: 15 min.] Seminar has to be prepared using Open Office Presentation or MS Power Point or similar presentation tool. MDN will provide an LCD projector and laptop. Please e-mail your presentation in .pdf format ahead of time. Please DO NOT use any pirated software in the preparation of your presentation.
  • Interview with project manager and others.[Time limit: None]

    Test is typically conducted from 9 AM onwards
    MDN does not have a cafeteria, so please bring your own lunch or make alternate arrangements for it.

  • Venue :
    Manipal Dot Net Pvt. Ltd.
    4-285K, Manipal - Alevoor Road,
    Shanthi Nagar, Manipal,
    Karnataka 576104