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Internships AT MDN

MDN offers internships to interested students. These internships are meant to give students exposure to high-tech industry culture, and a chance to lay their hands on state-of-the-art technical work. During their internships, students get to work with industry veterans solving real world complex problems. Many of MDN's clients are start-ups working on next generation technology, technology that is so new that many wouldn't have even heard of it, let alone have it in textbooks. MDN interns get the unique privilege of working on such futuristic ideas and projects.

MDN has three types of internships.

Training For a Fee

MDN staff will train students for a fee. The fees wary depending on the type and duration of training. This option is recommended only for students unwilling to build a long term relationship with MDN, or those wishing to hone their skills to ace a campus placement interview. Click here to apply.

Free Internships

Students who wish to commit a year or more as an intern are waived the training fees and get to interact with MDN staff for free. Projects done at MDN as part of the free internship can be used as final year project/practice school project/industrial training project/etc., and an appropriate guide and certificate as required by the University will be provided by MDN. MDN staff will also write recommendation letters for higher studies. Click here to apply for a free internship position.

Paid Internships

Exceptional students who have the technical expertise to directly contribute to a project will be paid during the internships. Students for this type of internship are typically chosen through a rigorous interview. Paid internship openings are the same as the regular job openings at MDN. Click here to visit that page.

Eligibility Criteria for Internships:

  1. Good academic standing, as vouched for by your Dept. HoD
  2. Good moral and ethical behavior, as vouched for by a faculty member
  3. No smoking, no alcohol, no software piracy
  4. Typing skills for software internships, soldering skills for hardware internships
  5. Minimum commitment of 1 year, 15 hrs per week when school is in session and 48 hrs per week during breaks

For MDN Interview Format, click here